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Facts and History of BMW Cars You Need to Know: Specifications for the 2021 BMW M235I GRAN COUPE Sedan, Comfort and Complete Equipment

The luxury of the 2021 BMW M235I GRAN COUPE

The car that BMW will present at the end of 2021 will cause quite a stir. Discussing car specifications this time, we will provide information about the BMW M235i Gran Coupe 2021, which is a BMW sedan. This car is claimed to offer a balance between comfort and performance. So what does it offer?


One of the car manufacturers that never stops launching new vehicles is BMW. The car discussed here is presented with the BMW M135 xDrive. This BMW car has several advantages, one of which is a sporty interior.

The high performance and comfort that this car offers makes it unique. In fact, this car can be used comfortably in everyday life so it is considered a special car. Let's look at the review to find out more about the technical details of this car made by BMI.

Facts and history of BMW cars

Bayerische Motoren Werke or what we know as BMW cars is a German car manufacturer founded on March 7, 1916. It is a merger of three different companies: Rapp Motorenwerke, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke and Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach.

Initially, BMW produced aircraft engines, especially during the war. However, as a result of the Treaty of Versailles, which prohibited Germany from building its own aircraft after World War I, BMW changed course in car development.

The first BMW car they developed was the BMW 3/15, which was based on the Dixi 3/15, a product of Dixi Automobil Werke AG, which BMW acquired in 1928. And now we share 10 interesting things about BMW cars, which you would not have known about.

10 interesting things about BMW cars

1. The BMW car logo is not based on an airplane propeller

Many say that the BMW car logo is based on an old airplane propeller turning in the air. This information is completely wrong. The round shape on the outside of the BMW car logo is based on the Rapp Motor Works logo, while the blue and white in the center is taken from the colors of the Bavarian flag, the birthplace of BMW.

2. BMW towers in Germany are made based on the shape of a 4-cylinder engine

BMW is so proud of its 4-cylinder engine that even its headquarters in Germany emulate it. The building consists of 2 parts; the main building which looks like a 4-cylinder engine, and the BMW Museum with a big BMW car logo on it.

3. In 1959, BMW cars almost became part of Mercedes-Benz

In 1959, BMW nearly went bankrupt due to the economic crisis. Realizing this, Mercedes' parent company, Daimler-Benz, is trying to take over its eternal rival. Knowing this, many small shareholders and all employees of BMW cars do not accept that Mercedes will buy "them". This is how the craziest collaboration of all car companies was born; All BMW auto employees from top to bottom, together with the shareholders, are working hand in hand with their own money to buy back BMW shares to save the company. This prompted Herbert Quandt, one of the shareholders involved in the partnership, to decide to spend more money and agree to a total restructuring of BMW cars. Thanks to his work in 1959, the Quandt family still has a large investment in BMW today.

4. BMW created Lamborghini in the 1970s

In the mid-1970s, Lamborghini teamed up with BMW to develop high-end racing cars. The plan was for BMW cars to supply the cars' engines and suspension, with Lamborghini handling the rest. However, before the set date, Lamborghini failed to complete the prototype car.

BMW then took over the project and together with Baur developed the racing car that we would later know as the BMW M1. Yes, this case became the forerunner of the BMW M series as we know it today.

5. Elvis Presley is immortalized as the name of the BMW car series

Elvis 507 is the designation for the BMW 507 series which was launched in the 1960s when the previous king owned and drove the car. Decades after the king drove the BMW 507, the car's existence is unknown. Until finally, in 2006, Jackie Jouret, automotive editor for Bimmer Magazine, wrote his research on cars. His research revealed that the BMW 507 used by Elvis Presley had the code 70079. He also wrote that anyone who owned a BMW 507 with that code could contact the dealer. A year later, a man named Jack Castor contacted Jackie Jouret. Castor admitted that the car was his. And after a visit, it turned out that all this time they were looking for a BMW 507 with code number 70079. BMW also investigated the car further and it turned out that the car was used by the king before he entered military service.

6. Before Tesla, BMW developed an electric car in 1972

Before Tesla became famous for its electric cars, BMW had already developed an electric car for the 1972 Olympics in Munich. The name of this car is BMW 1602e. Works with 12 batteries and has a power of 50 hp. When fully charged, this BMW car can travel up to 20 kilometers. But BMW did not release this car on a large scale, only as a concept model made for the Munich Olympics.

7. BMW cars are basically LEGO toys

Yes, because you can take this BMW apart and work on as many parts as you like. For example, you could use the rear suspension from a 2000s BMW M Coupe in the E30 3 Series. You could also use the brakes and front suspension from a 1990 BMW M3 E36 to Z3.

8. BMW is the official owner of Rolls Royce and Mini Cooper

Who doesn't know Rolls Royce and Mini Cooper? Of course everyone knows right? Yes, both brands are currently owned by BMW. In other words, the two main car brands in the UK are owned by German companies. interesting

9. The front grille of every BMW car is called a kidney grille

Grille or the front of a BMW car lets people know that the car is a BMW. BMW refers to the grille as the "kidney grille". The kidney grille was designed by BMW designer Franz Fielder, which BMW implemented on the BMW 303 in 1933.

And to date, kidneys are present in all BMW vehicles.

10. Another BMW brand is Hofmeister Knick

Another distinctive feature of BMW vehicles is the Hofmeister type on the kidney. The Hofmeister fold is BMW's signature relief on the rear window. This design was originally introduced by Wilhelm Hofmeister for BMW in 1961 and since then all BMW vehicles and several other manufacturers have adopted this Hofmeister-Knick-like curved rear window design.

Exterior and Interior of the BMW M235I GRAN COUPE 2021


The front of the 2021 BMW M235i Gran Coupe

The front side looks unique and also attractive. At the top there is the BMW Pride logo combined with the headlight with BMW's signature daytime running lights. The specified lighting technology uses LEDs. Then use dual projector headlights and dual beam headlights. What's interesting is the grill that can be opened and closed from the inside. Can be closed when the engine is cold and opened again if necessary. The radiator grille design is still based on BMW's signature kidney. This design improves aerodynamics.

Go to the bumper area with lots of holes. Air can be directed to the brake system through the holes so it can be cooled. In addition, the side holes tend to reduce wind resistance from the front.

1. Side view of the 2021 BMW M235i Gran Coupe

When viewed from the side, you will see a coupe with a very attractive appearance. The 18-inch rims combined with the use of 225/40 R18 tires stand on the legs. The door handles are finished in the same body color and the mirror finishes are accented like silver satin with a matte finish. The use of silver on the glass trim is combined with the use of frameless door models. This design makes it look very attractive and stylish.

2. The rear of the BMW M235i Gran Coupe 2021

The upper edge of the tail features a flesh-colored ducktail with an elegant design. Below that is the M235i logo and in the center is the BMW Pride logo. On the right and left there are rear lights with a unique LED bar. There are also LED turn signals on this side as well as rear fog lights on the side. The size is not too big because it is designed from the back to the side. At the bottom there is a glossy black diffuser combined with a trapezoidal exhaust.


Front cabin of the 2021 BMW M235i Gran Coupe

Upon entering the cabin, you are faced with a doorway marked "235i". In addition, there is a typical BMW M-type in the interior. For door upholstery, the material is a combination of soft touch and fabric. This side has ambient light which already has an interesting texture. The settings in this section are the power window button combined with the speakers, cup and door pocket.

Panel with soft touch material. Although the speedometer uses a hexagonal pattern, it can provide complete information about the vehicle. The color theme adapts to driving modes, such as red for sport, comfort for orange and ethos for blue.

The focus is on the head unit which already has a high-resolution 10.25-inch control screen that can provide entertainment on the move. Below this is the hazard warning button and the AC grille. The AC setting is placed under a modern BMW look. The AC temperature setting between the driver and front passenger can be adjusted according to taste. The adjustment of the jet direction is very complete, even up to the windshield for the front defroster and there is also a rear defroster. There are ambient lights in the same pattern on the door panels in front of the front passenger. There is also a soft open storage area.

On the steering wheel, this car has three bars, on the left are the cruise control function buttons, and on the right are the sound control buttons on the steering wheel. At the end of the lower bar is an M mark whose color is a combination of silver and black. The material is leather and the adjustments are quite perfect as it is tiltable and telescopic.


Comfort features of the 2021 BMW M235i Gran Coupé

Talking about the features of the BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe 2021, it is quite complete. Starting from entertainment features to security to convenience. A head unit that already has a high-resolution control screen provides entertainment. The i-Drive operating system is already in its 7th generation and thus supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Interestingly, the settings can be made on the screen or on the controller which is placed in the middle near the button.

This car is also equipped with voice control. So if you want to use the feature, you just need to speak as if you have a personal assistant. There are paddle shifters behind the steering wheel which can give the impression of driving a sports car. On the back there is ISOFIX which can ensure safety and comfort when carrying children by attaching child seats. A feature that makes the interior feel more spacious is the panoramic sunroof. So you can also feel the fresh air from outside in the car.

Safety features of the 2021 BMW M235i Gran Coupe

For security reasons, this BMW car is equipped with an alarm system and immobilizer. Indeed, there is a full range of active safety features, including parking sensors, rear view camera, ABS (anti-lock braking system), brake assist, electronic brake distribution, vehicle stability control and hill and hill assist. At the same time, it is equipped with child safety devices and airbag system functions (front airbag, side airbag, head airbag for all four outer seats, side impact protection) for passive safety.


The 2021 BMW M235i Gran Coupe is based on an all-wheel drive or xDrive system. The engine used has a 4-cylinder configuration with a BMW Twin Power Turbo configuration and a capacity of 1,998 cc. With this engine, maximum power of 306 hp and maximum torque of 450 Nm can be produced. Gasoline engine with 8-speed Steptronic sport transmission. For standard engines tuned by M Performance for quality performance.

Specifications for the 2021 BMW M235I GRAN COUPE


Following is the specifications table for the BMW M235i Gran Coupe 2021:





Min distance:152mm



Machine:4 cylinder BMW Twin Power Turbo

Capacity:1998 cc

Maximum performance:306hp/5000rpm

Maximum Torque:450Nm/1750rpm

Handle:8 Speed 4WD/Auto

Fuel Type:gas

Disc type:All Wheel Drive (AWD)

Transmission configuration:Steptronic Sport 8 speed


Front brake:Disc vents, M sports brakes

Rear brake:Disc vents, M sports brakes

Previous suspension:MacPherson drawing

Rear suspension:multi link

Tire Size:225/40R18

Pros and Cons of the 2021 BMW M235i GRAN COUPE

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of the BMW M235i Gran Coupe 2021:


- The functions offered are very wide

- Luxurious appearance both outside and inside

- The cabin is quite spacious and comfortable to drive


-When you close the door, the sound is less melodious

-The price is quite high and is intended for the upper class


The 2021 BMW M235i Gran Coupé offers a lot of comfort. Complete equipment and a powerful engine make it the choice for private vehicles or small family vehicles. The maximum capacity is only 5 passengers, so you can't share for large families. Judging by the price, this car seems indeed intended for the upper class. But it doesn't matter, if there is extra money and enough money to buy this car, it can be one of the right choices.