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Never ignore why motorcycle insurance is so important!

Definition of motor insurance

Definition, types and benefits of car insurance

Everyone should understand the definition of car insurance. The reason is, motorized vehicles are property that almost everyone owns. In fact, every household has at least one motorized vehicle.

Motorized vehicles can make it easier for people to get around. It's just that motorized vehicles can be damaged by many things at any given time. If there is damage to the vehicle, the maintenance costs are of course quite high. With car insurance, maintenance costs are borne by the insurance company. Then what is car insurance? Here's the full explanation.

What is the definition of car insurance?

As the name suggests, this policy applies to motorized vehicles. Motor vehicle insurance is insurance against motor vehicle damage. Above and beyond. the aggrieved party is also legally liable. Motorcycle insurance is an insurance product that guarantees protection, coverage and compensation against the risk of an accident, damage or loss of a motorcycle.

Like insurance products in general, car insurance covers damage caused by the vehicle itself and becomes a legal responsibility for people who experience damage while using the vehicle.

In addition, if the motorcycle is lost or stolen, you can transfer the financial risk to the insurance company. Of course, there are dependents on insurance premiums that must be paid regularly to benefit from the protection of this financial product.

Why is motorcycle insurance so important?

With motorcycle insurance, you can ride more peacefully for the following reasons:

1. Provide protection

Car insurance is no different from insurance in general in terms of providing protection. Motorcycle insurance coverage covers accidents, theft risks and repair costs.

You can even extend your auto insurance if you feel the need to do so. For example providing legal assistance to third parties, life insurance, etc. to maximize the benefits of this insurance product.

2. Reducing the burden of costs

If a two-wheeled vehicle must be repaired, it usually costs a lot. To reduce the burden of costs, you should take motorcycle insurance.

In general, motorcycle insurance can cover part or all of the cost of repairing a vehicle, depending on the level of coverage. Whatever form it takes, motorcycle insurance can help you offset the risk of riding costs that can affect your financial situation.

3. Gives a sense of security while driving

You can also feel safe when riding a motorcycle with motorcycle insurance. With insurance, you will definitely feel safer and more comfortable at all times because you are protected from various risks.

Of course you have to be careful when driving to minimize the risk of a fatal accident.

Tips for choosing motorcycle insurance

To get the best motorcycle insurance, consider the following tips:

A. Adjust to the needs

Equally important is being able to choose and prioritize insurance products with benefits that suit your needs. Some aspects that need to be considered when choosing car insurance include the level of coverage and benefits, the maximum coverage level offered and the amount of premium. When choosing motorcycle insurance, make sure you choose the coverage that your vehicle requires. Tailoring your insurance to your needs can help you get the right coverage. This customization shows detailed vehicle conditions, such as engine condition, age, vehicle, etc.

There are two motorcycle insurance options to consider:

1. All Risk Insurance (Helmets) 

Covers almost all risks that may occur to a vehicle. Covers major and minor accidents, but with a few exceptions. 

2. Total Loss Only (TLO)

This policy covers up to 75% of damage or loss. Minor damage to the vehicle is usually not covered.

B. Select dealer recommended insurance

Try to choose insurance recommended by the dealer. This method is effective if you use it when buying a vehicle. As an experienced customer who knows the possibilities of a good insurance company, the dealer's recommendations are promising.

But of course you also need to consider other factors to get the best motorcycle insurance.

C. Adjustment to economic conditions

Always choose car insurance that suits your financial condition. Even if you want to enjoy the best and most comprehensive service for your vehicle, you still have to be realistic. The more complete the service, usually the higher the premium.

So don't get insurance products whose premiums are too high and exceed your financial capabilities. Adjusting the choice of insurance products with financial capabilities will help avoid the risk of negligence or insurance lapse in the future.

D. Understand insurance products

It is also important to understand insurance products, bearing in mind that each policy offers different protection and benefits. The product policies and rules offered by each insurance company also vary. To understand insurance products, you need to find information and study the details of each product so you can choose the best type of insurance.

E. Choose insurance with the best service

You can get motorbike insurance with the best service as long as you pay attention to several other important points. These factors include the credibility of the insurance company, special repair facilities, services offered, customer testimonials and claims procedures.

F. Carefully study PSAKBI

PSAKBI or Indonesian Motor Vehicle Insurance Standard Policy is a standard or benchmark for insurance products. You need to understand all the clauses and clauses listed therein to ensure that the car insurance you are applying for offers clear benefits and procedures.

If you don't understand something, don't hesitate to ask your agent or insurance company to minimize the risk of a damaging misunderstanding.

G. Pay attention to the quality of services and facilities offered

Final tip: pay attention to the quality of services and facilities provided by insurance companies. For example, make sure your network of partner repair shops is national and easily accessible and has replacement vehicles available. By paying attention to the quality of these services, you can ensure that the motorcycle insurance policy meets all your needs. Smart people, now you know why having motorbike insurance is important? To meet these needs, you can take advantage of T-Driving insurance from Tugu Insurance which offers 75% compensation for loss and damage.

Motorcycle insurance with pocket-friendly premiums will help you recover if your motorbike is lost or damaged.

type of motor insurance

Types of auto insurance coverage

There are several types of insurance in car insurance. Here's the full explanation. 

A. Combined

This policy covers partial or total losses or total losses. These risks include accidental damage, theft, fire, ferry trips and transportation to repair shops.

B. Total Loss (TLO)

This policy offers a minimum repair fee guarantee of 75% of the vehicle price for vehicles that are lost and not found within 60 days. Therefore, customers can apply for this insurance only if the vehicle damage is very serious.

The insurance premium offered is certainly cheaper than bundle insurance. 

C. Extended warranty

You can achieve this risk coverage if you are willing to pay an additional premium. This additional risk protection covers driver and passenger accidents, third party liability, natural disasters, riots and terrorism.

D. Personal insurance

The meaning of this car insurance is standard Indonesian car insurance which is only for yourself. However, it can also provide compensation for drivers and passengers.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before signing, pay attention to the needs and types of insurance. If you want maximum protection, you can choose combined insurance, which of course has a higher premium compared to the others. Insurance benefits

Car insurance not only offers a variety of products, but also many benefits. Here's the review.

E. Become more comfortable when driving

Despite all precautions, accidents cannot be completely avoided. Whether due to your own negligence or someone else's, losses are bound to occur. If you already have a warranty, you will ride more comfortably. 

F. Give protection

Another benefit of car insurance is that it can provide protection against accidents, repair costs and losses. With this protection product, customers get legal aid protection against third parties and many more.

Before you decide to buy an insurance product, you can arrange the coverage you want with a car insurance company to get the maximum benefit.

G. Save costs when risks arise

When something unexpected happens, emergency resources are often insufficient. Especially if there is an accident while driving, there are other victims besides you. Therefore, insurance can help repair or buy a new motorbike if it is lost due to theft. Livelihood, insurance pays for the damage.

H. Get a vehicle

Tow truck is one of the tools that can be used in the event of an accident. In addition, car insurance will also provide a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired. When choosing an insurance product, try to see what additional benefits are available. 

I. Easy troubleshooting process

If you have an accident or lose your vehicle due to theft, you can contact the insurance company. The insurer will help solve the problem, whether it's a problem with the driver or the problem with other motorcycle owners.

the risk of applying for motor insurance

Risks that are not covered by car insurance

If you already know what things can be covered by car insurance, now is the time to find out what risks cannot be covered by car insurance. This is:

1. Intentional act of the insurer

2. Destroy road signs

3. Implementation of competitions, carnivals, campaigns and crimes

4. Driven by someone without a driver's license (SIM).

5. Tow another vehicle

6. Driven by someone under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

7. Forced to drive even though the vehicle is damaged or unusable

Insurance also excludes damage to accessories that are not listed in the insurance, such as key B., STNK and BPKB.

1. Non-standard gear theft

2. Damage or loss due to embezzlement

3. Overload

4. Entering or passing through a closed or forbidden road

5. Nuclear radiation, radioactive contamination, nuclear reactions

6. Riot, strike or disturbance of public order

7. Encumbered or unencumbered assets

Each insured can ask the insurer to extend the warranty of the insured vehicle. This extension varies by insurance company. To extend insurance coverage, the policyholder must make an additional payment of a certain amount. The most common warranty extensions are:

1. Medical expenses, namely medical expenses to a certain extent for the driver and passengers.

2. Personal accident

3. Expand the scope of civil unrest, terrorism and sabotage

4. Expansion of flood guarantees

In the case of car insurance, the insurance premium must be paid in full within 14 days after the issuance of the insurance. Otherwise, the Insurer will suspend the Insured without prior notification and in the event of loss of the Insured Motorized Vehicle, the Insured cannot claim or accept any compensation.

The delay ends 24 hours after receipt of insurance payment by the insurance company. If the insured has not paid the coverage within 90 calendar days after obtaining the coverage, the coverage automatically ends.

In the context of claims for compensation, the insurer must report the occurrence of damage to the insured motorized vehicle in writing or verbally no later than 3 days after the damage occurs. 

application for motor insurance

How to get car insurance

You can buy auto insurance online or online. For direct purchases, you can come to the car insurance office of your choice or contact the available call center. Don't forget to research what benefits and services it offers before you decide to get comprehensive or other types of auto insurance.

If you want to be more practical, now you can also buy car insurance online. You can purchase through the official website of the selected company or through online stores or marketplaces that the company cooperates with.

Before buying car insurance, don't forget to prepare the necessary documents, such as:

1. Vehicle identification, such as STNK and BPKB

2. Vehicle license

3. KTP or KTP

4. Fill out the car insurance application form

5. Get the first premium

6. Wait for the data verification process. If successful, you will receive insurance

Considerations when buying car insurance

To get the best car insurance product, there are several things you need to consider before making a buying decision, including:

1. Use of vehicles (work)

Before buying insurance, make sure you know the purpose of using the car to be insured. Broadly speaking, the use of vehicles can be divided into two types, namely:

A. Personal service

The purpose of using a personal or commercial vehicle is a vehicle that is used for personal, commercial or business purposes and the owner does not receive monetary compensation or remuneration for the use of the vehicle. Advertising

B. Commercial

Commercial vehicles are used for commercial purposes, such as rental, so that the vehicle owner receives compensation in the form of money or compensation for the results of the rental.

2. Add/replace accessories

Before taking car insurance, the vehicle owner must also inform the insurance company about additions or changes to vehicle equipment. This must be reported within 7 working days.

3. Vehicle Location (Location)

The location or location of the vehicle is known from the license plate number, which is used to determine the price of the vehicle per area regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

4. Conditions (subjectivity)

When shopping for the best car insurance product, you must also meet the policy requirements for the coverage to be effective.