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The best capital investment insurance : Definition, types, strength

the importance of investment insurance

The uncertainty of the unpredictable future forces everyone to prepare themselves as soon as possible. Also regarding funding. Many options can be used to prepare for future economic conditions.

The risk of life, accidents and damaged vehicles always follows us. The difficulty of predicting the future forces us to prepare everything related to the economy as early as possible. One of them is investment insurance. In fact, insurance and investment are two different things.

Insurance is a financial product that aims to protect you from financial risks in the future, while investment is an investment activity in the form of funds or assets that aims to generate profits. Because both are financial products that are very important in financial management, now there is a combined financial product between the two, namely investment insurance.

What Is Investment Insurance And What Is The Best Investment Insurance List? Therefore, this time Qoala will explain it in the next test report.

Find out what investment insurance is

Investment insurance is often referred to as investment-related insurance. Investment insurance or investment linked insurance is a financial product that combines the two advantages of permanent insurance (life insurance) with investment products.

This product is perfect for those of you who want to buy insurance and also invest. With one product you get two benefits. In other words, it's like diving while drinking water.

Investment-related product programs or investment insurance products, ie. H. The money deposited by the customer is not only used to pay insurance premiums, but the insurance company invests it through an investment manager so that its value continues to increase.

Given the benefits of both protection and investment, it's no wonder that many are interested in buying investment-related products, rather than traditional insurance products that only focus on selling protection.

The official FSA Attitude website states that Unit-Link products have grown 10,000 percent in the last 10 years. Meanwhile, traditional insurance only grew 380 percent.

However, don't be fooled by the combination of investment and protection in one product. As with other investment products, there is also a risk of damage to the investment in the case of investment insurance or investment bonds.

Before buying, you should compare which one is better by buying the protection and investment package together (join link) or by buying the protection product itself and the investment product separately.

Benefits of investment insurance products

 Investment insurance is in demand by the general public because this product offers the best insurance and investment services as a modern financial solution. But it turns out that besides the combination of insurance benefits and investment benefits, this product also offers many other benefits, such as:

1. Additional protection

This investment insurance has various additional (driver) insurance that you can add according to your needs. This is the main advantage because only one insurance product can meet all your needs.

2. Prizes are not burned

Another advantage of investment insurance is that the insurance paid is not lost. Of course, this is different from a pure anima investment, where if a claim is not made during the contract period, the insurance premium paid will be lost.

3. Long protection time

Compared to other insurance services, investment insurance also offers insurance protection that is much longer. Investment insurance offers a coverage period of 75 years, 80 years to 100 years, depending on the policies of each insurance company.

4. Double advantage

As already mentioned, investment insurance is an insurance service that combines two services at once, namely protection services and investment services, to generate profits. This is certainly an advantage of investment insurance that is not owned by other investment services.

5. Easy investment

Many people are afraid to invest because they don't know how to do it and aren't sure which investment vehicle is best for them. Daily busyness and limited time are the main reasons behind it. But don't worry, with this investment insurance, your investment funds will be taken care of by professionals in their field.

6. No changes to practice

Investment insurance is flexible insurance that makes it easy to add or withdraw funds. You also have the option of transferring your investment assets to other investments offered by insurance companies. - Excellent vacation opportunity

This agreement allows for a temporary suspension of payment of insurance premiums, which we are required to do as contract parties of investment insurance. However, during your vacation you will still get various information and services from the insurance that you have registered for, because this is your right as a participant.

advantages and disadvantages of investment insurance

The lack of investment insurance products

Apart from the benefits of investment insurance described above, investment insurance services also have drawbacks that you should be aware of. What are the disadvantages of capital investment insurance? Here's the review.

1. Investment benefits are not optimal

It cannot be denied that the main advantage of investment insurance lies in the protection benefits of the insurance service itself. As a result, the investment benefits received are not as high as the actual investment returns.

2. High premium

Compared to other insurance company premiums, investment insurance premiums are much higher. This is most likely due to the insurer using the premium paid as investment capital. 

3. No guaranteed profit

When choosing investment insurance, don't just think about the benefits you get. But you also have to consider all kinds of risks, including no guaranteed win. This is because price fluctuations are commonplace in the investment world.

4. Small protection value

The insurance premium is divided between two needs, where the protection value of this insurance benefit is low.

Insurance costs continue to increase

Another thing to know about investment insurance is that the amount of insurance you pay out increases every year. 4. The largest insurance company in the United States

1. Non-health insurance company

2. Controlled by health insurance companies and health care companies

Highlights of the largest insurance company in the United States

1. Insurance companies are important players in global finance, although perhaps not as important as investment banks or hedge funds.

2. There are insurance companies of all sizes that specialize in various lines of insurance, from health to life to property and casualty.

3. Here we compare some of the largest insurance companies based on their market value and premium sales. 

various types of investment insurance

Types of investment insurance

The following insurance products can be an investment vehicle for the future of you and your family. Financial planning is not always easy. As a human being, of course you have many dreams and goals that you want to achieve that require proper financial planning.

Here you will find various types of capital investment insurance and detailed explanations.

1. Life insurance

Life insurance is insurance that provides protection against financial loss or loss of income due to the death of the insured or a family member who is the backbone of the family.

Life insurance is divided into four types that you can adjust to your needs: term life insurance which offers temporary protection, and life insurance which offers lifelong protection (up to 100 years).

Then there is dual purpose life insurance, which offers the dual benefits of protection insurance and savings insurance, and investment-linked life insurance, which offers both insurance and investment benefits. 

2. Health insurance

Health insurance is insurance that guarantees reimbursement to policyholders for potential medical expenses, including hospital, surgery and medication costs.

This insurance is not an indemnity that does not restore the financial situation just before the damage occurred. Insurance companies reimburse according to their ability to pay, those who are able to pay more get more benefits and vice versa.

With health insurance, you are protected from costs that may arise for certain diseases due to the high cost of treatment. 

3. Pension Insurance

Pension fund insurance is an asset that is ready for all post-retirement needs. This is done so that parents are financially independent in old age and children are not burdened.

4. Education Insurance

Education insurance can be a solution that guarantees the best education for your child in the future.