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Easy ! How to properly install a car GPS on your car (Part 1)


What is car GPS?

Before GPS, people used natural landmarks like trees or mountains as directions. But the sticker doesn't show the exact location. Disasters can change nature and erase traces. So they found a way to replace natural markers. Finally, a tool called a compass was found that can determine direction. 

They still use the stars as a guide at sea by calculating the angles between the stars. The early development of GPS was a result of the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. In September 1957, scientists at MIT in the United States presented the idea of ​​a satellite that could emit radio signals to track objects. In their presentation, they discovered the frequency of a radio signal from the Russian satellite Sputnik that vibrates and produces a horn sound. 

From this debate was born GPS, a navigation tool based on satellite signals. When the US introduced GPS, it was only used for military purposes. However, in 1983, the US president announced that the general public could use GPS after the Soviet military shot down a Korean Airlines flight in a restricted area. The United States considers the incident a military test, while Korean Airlines blames navigational errors. Official GPS will be available to the public after this event. 

In 1998, the US Vice President planned to upgrade GPS to make it even more accurate and safer to use, especially in aviation. In 2004, the United States coordinated GPS and Galileo cooperation with Europe. The President of the United States also renewed national policy and named GPS as the National Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Weather Operations. The GPS tracking system itself consists of a handheld device that allows you to track and trace the location of your vehicle. 

This high-tech tracker is able to provide real-time status of the speed used and the location of the vehicle. Cheaper trackers offer the ability to save this information for later use. Some GPS trackers also offer alerts if your vehicle exceeds the speed limit in certain areas.

Install the car GPS

If you want to do it yourself, you can try the instructions below to set up a car GPS. Remember that before you decide to install the car GPS that we offer, you must understand the electrical path of the car. One way to install a car GPS is to plug in or unplug the cable or the negative and positive battery cables. So, if you want to install a GPS in your home, you should know how to read a wiring diagram as a guide. 

Check GPS components

When you buy a GPS online, you should check the completeness of the components in the package and read the instructions. In general, the existing components usually consist of a negative cable and cables, bolts and fuses. Once everything is in place, you can start the installation. 

  • Installation of electrical cables

The first thing you can do when installing a car GPS is to take the red and black wires. The red wire is usually the positive wire and the black wire is the negative wire. Be sure to connect the positive wire to the fuse to prevent a future short. 

You need to connect these two wires to the battery, which is the power source. Once you've done this a lot, the installation should only take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. The GPS draws power from the battery and sends it to the ACC. When ACC is on, the device receives power to detect the machine continuously. 

Also, gas stations are detected, so if someone sabotages the gas station cables, you will know about it. Once the connection is established, you must place the GPS in a place where it cannot be easily detected. Please note that this device cannot come into contact with water, so do not place the device under a car, as it may be damaged immediately if it comes into contact with water. 

It also means that the device has been damaged by water, usually voiding the warranty. In addition to the above features, this tool also has a feature that allows you to remotely shut down the machine. The car does not start at all because the fuel pump is not attached to the engine.

  • Make sure the server is running
Each GPS has its own server, so you need to make sure that this server is working normally. Once it is turned on, you need to make sure that the GPS settings are installed in the car. 

Do not forget to install the system that comes with the GPS device. For example, volume and memory card. In general, the SIM card guarantees the accuracy of the GPS location, so you should always check the heart rate of the SIM card to make sure that the GPS is always active.  

Activate the car GPS in the HP

Here are some simple instructions to connect your GPS to your cell phone or smartphone

  • Prepare sim card with internet package

For GPS to work, you need a SIM card that already has an internet plan that allows you to track your cell phone. You must have a SIM card with a strong signal so that you can still know the location of the car when you reach remote areas. - Insert the SIM card into the car's GPS device

 If you have found an internet service provider with a very strong signal and you already have an internet package, you need to insert this SIM card into the car GPS. If you want to enter it, make sure GPS is turned off. You can turn on GPS and check the GPS signal only after entering it. - Registration

 The last thing is to register with your smartphone to then track the GPS in the car. You can do this by contacting the server via text message or phone. You will also receive a verification code that you must enter on your smartphone to track the vehicle. This can be done by pre-installing a special application. You can use various functions with this program.

For example, memory cards and the ability to turn off the machine. 1. Install the car's GPS function

Many people do not know about the other functions of GPS tracking because its function is not only tracking. Its main function is tracking, but you get many other benefits with this tool. - Crime prevention

Crimes happen all over the world. Prevention is always the best solution to stop crime. There are many ways to prevent crime, especially for car owners. One option that car owners can do is to install a GPS. These devices often have built-in alarms that increase vehicle safety. This GPS alert is definitely very useful in preventing potential crimes. But note that there are GPS devices that do not have an alarm. Even without an alarm, this GPS has the same special features as a GPS with an alarm. - Know your travel history

Cars that already have GPS tracking can display travel history. For example, you lend someone a car and you can tell if the person is lying about their intentions or not. With the programs available, you can see the journey of the car for 24 hours and this is one of the best advantages of GPS tracking. - Tap the chat

There are also several GPS devices that apparently have a very cool feature, namely eavesdropping on cabin conversations. In fact, very few GPS have this feature. However, if you are not sure about the borrower of your car, you can immediately check the conversation that took place in the car with this tool. You can usually hear the conversation in person or via GPS. If you are a victim of a crime, you can also provide evidence of conversations and car location to the authorities. 

Best Car GPS Recommendations 

Here are some of the best car GPS recommendations.

  • GPS tracking device TK110 

This GPS is the GPS you can buy if you want, say, a cheap GPS, but its features are worth it. This GPS can be an emergency tracker. The microphone can also be activated quite easily with one click. With this GPS, you can also send an SOS signal from the car's current location. -  JVS TK905 supercar GPS

 You have to spend $40 to get this GPS. This price is quite expensive, but the options offered are very good. You get GPS technology that does not require electricity from the car battery to operate. The battery capacity is 5000 mAh and it can work up to 90 days. -VT-100M superbow GPS tracking

 The dimensions of this GPS are very small, so you can easily hide it in any car. This type of GPS already has a battery backup, voice commands and can detect the condition of the engine. You can buy it for $87. The price is quite expensive, but very reasonable for the various functions offered and the accuracy offered, both GPS and GSM signals. Foxlogger Car GPS Tracking

 You can get this GPS for $107 with very full features. This GPS includes a GPS  chipset with a sensitivity of 159 DBM and an accuracy of 144 DBM. -GPS tracking concox GT06N 

 This GPS is one of the best GPS because it can provide very fast GPS signal. This is thanks to the four-line GSM technology included in this GPS, which is why you can immediately and quickly receive the coordinates of the car's location via text message or through a special website. This GPS also knocks and turns the engine off and on. 

How to find out the GPS location in the car

 GPS is usually placed on the dashboard of the car because it is the most secure part that prevents thieves from taking it and can also transmit a strong signal. Signal is a very important factor for GPS to work. The key to knowing your GPS location is to find the one that gets the best signal. It really doesn't need to be placed on the dashboard of the car because it can be placed on the roof, under the seat or near the feet. Place it anywhere until the signal is strong. 

However, do not place the GPS under the car, as the GPS may be damaged if it comes into contact with water. You can also see how others see you to determine the location of your GPS device. You do this so that if someone else takes your car, you can track it without that person throwing away their GPS device. - Make sure the server is running

Each GPS has its own server, so you need to make sure that this server is working normally. Once it is turned on, you need to make sure that the GPS settings are installed in the car. Do not forget to install the system that came with the GPS device. For example, volume and memory card. Usually, the SIM card ensures the accuracy of the GPS location, so always check the heart rate of the SIM card to make sure that the GPS is always active.