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"Bitcoin Price" Bitcoin is a currency in electronic form and has no physical form. This virtual currency has no coins, paper or physical form that you can hold and can only be held through an online bitcoin wallet. However, these coins are real and can be used for online transactions and have been used by internet users all over the world. Although the format is not real, bitcoin has a fairly high exchange rate. Even today, one Bitcoin can reach tens of US dollars. This interests investors in mining this coin. But of course the exchange rate is very volatile, it can jump or even fall. So how exactly does Bitcoin work?

Basic Concept of Bitcoin

If you think about dollars issued and used in the United States, Bitcoin is a currency that does not depend on a large exchange, because Bitcoin actually uses a database that the network divides into transaction logs. This cryptocurrency system also has basic security features to ensure that its owner can access bitcoins and not do so more than once. 

Thus, many Bitcoin users are currently using it for various online transactions such as purchasing web servers, purchasing fashion products and more. In fact, some Bitcoin miners make a living by investing money to buy mining rigs and earning hundreds of millions as they grow in value. Basically, Bitcoins are stored on personal computers in the form of file wallets or in third-party services. 

The ownership process does not require an identity alias, it is anonymous. This is also one of the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin because many people use bitcoins for money laundering and other criminal activities. The way bitcoin works can be transferred over the internet with a bitcoin wallet address. Bitcoin's P2P transfer system makes this bitcoin data difficult for certain parties, such as cyber security agencies or governments, to detect and manipulate. You can get these bitcoins by "mining", which breaks the blockchain on a computer, like playing complicated math, to get nominal bitcoins. 

Centralized network

In the world of cryptocurrency, decentralization is the process of transferring power from a centralized currency to a decentralized currency. The technology that makes this work is blockchain, which allows all users to become validators or nodes when processing transactions. Therefore, decentralization can generally be equated with centralized management, which then spreads over its entire area.


When we talk about bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, we always mention cryptography. Basically, cryptography is the science of plaintext encryption techniques, which are encrypted with an encryption key so that the original text is converted into a hard-to-read text (ciphertext) for those who do not have the decryption key. This science is still developing and can be divided into classical cryptography and modern cryptography.

Supply and Demand

When you work with the bitcoin currency, you are exposed to supply and demand in order for bitcoin's transaction cycles and functions to work and continue to work. In general, the price of cryptocurrencies depends on the balance of supply and demand. 

If the cryptocurrency is popular and the demand is high, its price will rise, and conversely, if the supply is high and the demand is low, the price will also fall. Crypto prices are influenced by several things, one of which is news in the media. When crypto servers have news about hackers, prices usually fall, and when there is interesting and positive news, cryptocurrencies rise. 

Mining of crypto-assets is one of the most promising activities, because the amount of crypto-assets is still very small and their distribution is uneven, so the price is strongly influenced by the activity of the owners of successfully mined crypto-assets when they sells or buying business. 

blockchain  (balance sheet)

Blockchain affects the movement of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies and how bitcoin works. Simply put, blockchain is a digital transaction storage system that records all transactions permanently and is stored in a public database or commonly known as a ledger. This blockchain ensures the validation of every transaction that has taken place and is forever stored in its database. 

It contains a collection of transaction information such as date, time, dollar amount, participant signature and a unique transaction code. Each block can store hundreds of transactions and contains its own unique code called a hash. Each block is linked to other blocks and is created by a global network of mining computers. 

Thus, thousands of computers around the world compete to create blocks and systematically solve complex algorithms. If the miner manages to solve the problem and create a new block, he gets a reward. This feature ensures that blocks are created daily and transactions are still recorded on the blockchain.

Private key (transaction)

A private key is a code combined with a public key that enables encryption and decryption of text algorithms. So this key is created as part of the attribute graph to convert the message into a readable format. The public key and private key are combined for secure communication such as email. The first thing you need to complete a transaction is a bitcoin wallet that already has a public or private key as a transaction token.

Miner (Bitcoin mining process)

The process of mining Bitcoin is the process of verifying blockchain transactions to add new blocks to the network. Miners must find a 64-digit hexadecimal number called a hash to create this new block. The first miner to successfully add a new block to the blockchain will be rewarded with 6.25 BTC for each block mined. But of course, getting a 64-digit hexadecimal is very difficult. 

The probability of calculating this number is 1 in 16 trillion. To overcome this hash value, it is set so that a new block can be mined every 10 minutes. If the computing power used in the network exceeds the nominal value, the complexity increases. Today, more and more miners are jumping on the Bitcoin network, making the mining process very competitive. 

To be better among other miners, make sure you have a strong mining ring. Some things to consider in the bitcoin mining process are energy intensive processes because bitcoin mining increases electricity consumption. So, don't forget to keep an eye on your electricity consumption budget if you want to focus on bitcoin mining. Regulations are currently being developed to halve the financial incentives for bar mining every four years to control the supply of bitcoins in circulation. As of May 2020, the mining fee is 6.25 BTC per new block.

wallet (Bitcoin wallet)

The term wallet in bitcoin is a crypto wallet in the form of a software that acts as a key to send and receive various crypto tokens on the blockchain network. A blockchain network is a cryptocurrency database system connected to user nodes, such as a user's computer or smartphone. Simply put, this bitcoin wallet stores private and public keys to protect crypto assets and stay connected to the blockchain database. You can use an app-based, offline or online bitcoin wallet to connect to the blockchain database.

Understanding Frequently Asked Questions About How Bitcoin Works

"Bitcoin Price"  As it evolves, bitcoin users often have general questions about how bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work. Frequently asked questions about how Bitcoin works include:

Can transactions made with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies be reversed? 

Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed, but the recipient can. So, be careful when dealing with people or organizations that use bitcoins. Make sure the partner's reputation is clear and secure. Bitcoin can detect typos, but it won't let you send money to the wrong address.

How secure is Bitcoin and the anonymity of its users? 

The way Bitcoin works is designed to send and receive payments with strict privacy in mind. But Bitcoin is not anonymous and cannot offer the same level of privacy as cash. Therefore, the current user privacy protection mechanism will be further developed. 

All bitcoin transactions are recorded publicly and permanently online, allowing anyone to view balances and transactions from any bitcoin address. However, the user's identity and address are not known at the time of purchase. This condition is also the reason why bitcoin can only be used once. Bitcoin has full control over the transactions made by its users. Merchants cannot make unwanted or unknown payments like other payment methods. Bitcoin payments are also possible anonymously, which provides strong protection against identity theft. In addition, bitcoin users can also protect their crypto assets through backups and encryption.

How to get bitcoins? 

There are several things you can play to get bitcoins and practice how bitcoins work easily, namely:

  • Transactions of goods or services with bitcoins 

You can earn bitcoins by selling goods and services and then requesting payment in bitcoin cryptocurrency. In general, accepting bitcoins is cheaper and easier than other payment methods.

  •  Buy bitcoins on an exchange

You can get bitcoins by buying them from bitcoin exchanges, trusted brokers or exchange services. This method is similar to an agreed exchange rate when buying a foreign currency or a foreign stock.

  • Exchange bitcoins with colleagues

Of course, if you have coworkers who also own cryptocurrencies, exchanging bitcoins can be an easy and safe option. The exchange can be done safely because you know the partner who owns the bitcoins. Avoid exchanging bitcoins through PayPal because there are many bitcoin scams through PayPal. Because of this incident, many people have asked if Bitcoin is a scam.

  • Bitcoin mining
Bitcoin mining is usually done by companies or professional groups because it requires expertise and advanced equipment. Bitcoin's rather complex working method requires a professional team. 


     How to invest in bitcoin?

For beginners, many must be confused about how to start investing in bitcoins professionally. First, you need to open a bitcoin account or bitcoin wallet on a trusted website. By signing up on a trusted website, you will have a bitcoin wallet that will be used for bitcoin investments. 

Bitcoin Wallet allows you to easily and quickly receive or send bitcoins to other users and manage the value of your bitcoin assets. Then there is business. There are many service websites on the internet that offer bitcoin transaction platforms. There are several bitcoin sites that can convert bitcoin values ​​directly to US dollars. This way you will know the pros and cons of your bitcoin investment. 

It is worth noting that the registration and verification processes must be fully completed in order to understand how Bitcoin works and how to use it. Each bitcoin site displays the value of bitcoins in real time, making it easy for all investors to manage and consider steps related to bitcoin transactions according to current conditions. Here you can understand the market conditions and sell at the price others are buying for profit.

Can someone fake my identity?

Despite claims that Bitcoin is quite safe in terms of security, everyone should understand that this cryptocurrency system is still very new and still being developed. Information security holes created in this way can be hacked by certain parties who are well aware of this information security development. 

For example, phishing, which is an old trick but enough to bring down the bitcoin system. Many cybercriminals can impersonate well-known exchanges to steal login credentials from bitcoin wallet users. Of course, when the system and how Bitcoin works is still developing, it will be quite difficult to detect this case on the ground. There are many customization reports to attract potential users. 

Thus, it does not prevent the possibility of falsifying the identity of bitcoin users for the benefit of other parties.

How does bitcoin mining work with VGA?

Also, how bitcoin mining works with VGA is often asked. In general, VGA is known in the computer world for its task of processing the graphic data of the display. But in its development, VGA is used as a powerful weapon in bitcoin mining. VGA is an essential tool for solving bitcoin blockchain algorithms. VGAs are now also recognized as an important part of bitcoin mining, and several types have seen significant price increases. "Bitcoin Price"

How does work?

The official exchange is quite useful for cryptocurrency activists. This website is for bitcoin investors and miners to get access and the latest information about the world of cryptocurrencies. In its work, has several ways to work with bitcoin, including:

  • Exchange crypto resources with other users. 
  • Sending crypto assets to members

  • Accepts deposits of various cryptocurrencies.